Sunday, August 15, 2010

tomato truck!

ok, so we have a new game ... its called spot the tomato truck ... we haven't done heaps of driving around, but, nearly every time we wait at this set of lights going through town we'll see at least one tomato truck drive through full of tomatoes!


Unknown said...

I did some quick estimates, and I reckon that since we arrived in Los Banos, ~6.7 billion tomatoes have come through this intersection!!

( ~1.3M/truck, 1 truck/2 minutes, 7am-6pm for 16 days )

Cally said...

What a wonderful unschooling adventure you are having. As for the tomato trucks, I hope they drive safely - the though of one of those trucks rolling is.... well.... perhaps as long as no one was hurt it might be fun really!