Saturday, August 14, 2010

pictures of our USA home

Note the drying rack I have out the back - there is no washing line, I knew there wouldn't be but it is still amazing to me ... I'll get one strung up soon ... meanwhile this wee rack is great and a tee-shirt will dry in half and hour in the middle of the day ...the only reason to use the dryer would be if I didn't want to get too hot hanging out the washing - although I have been known to load up the drying rack inside and shove it quickly out the door!

I'm imaging that we will get used to the heat... it is after all a 'nice' heat iykwim - dry like up in the Mackenzie ... and already we are turning the air conditioning up so we don't feel too cold inside, so we must be adjusting already ... apparently it doesn't go to low temperatures in the winter either, although by then perhaps 10dC will feel cold ...

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