Friday, July 2, 2010

So now we know we are going!

Chris is home from spending a month in the USA, and now we have about a month to get ready to go too. We weren't sure for a while, as we didn't know if we'd be able to get health insurance for all of us ... turns out not to be a big deal afterall ... now, as for all the other paperwork we've been doing :-) ... So, what better time to hang out and play a game ... what a nice Dad ...

And what a nice family we have ... Gran and Granddad helped out - Gran risking the prickles and transplanting (and babysitting) Ben's cactus garden while we were away, Granddad gibstopping ... Havn't got a photo of Poppa up the scaffold - but very handy on the end of the paint brush from any height, while Nana kept the home fires burning and three excited kiddos busy... plus my sister Debbie did an absolutely amazing job with the garden - how could I forget to take a photo?!

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