Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lego Olympics

In the midst of packing up the house, (ok, so we cheated and got the packers to do it), Ben competed in the local Rotary Group Lego Olympics ... here he is with his team mates - building a rocket that could go into space and then could land and retrieve a moon lander - they only had fifteen minutes for this challenge!

Heaps of fun had by all, we were so glad we were still in Timaru to be able to go along ...

Here is the entry Ben built for the individual "creative design" ...

And, yes, transporting this sort of creation is difficult ... luckily he is an expert builder and could re-build the bits that didn't survive the potholes in the driveway :-)

Just going along and competing was enough fun, but, then the prize meant more lego to build :-)

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