Friday, April 1, 2011

surprise - LEGOLAND!

we snuck in a weekend trip down to Legoland ... we weren't sure until the day if we'd be able to go ... but, it all worked out, and so i told the kids on the Friday morning that we could drive down there that afternoon - luckily they believed me even though it was the 1st of April!

waiting at the first ride of the day - a mini roller coaster ... kids loved it, but, not enough to stand in line again - we only waited 20mins, but, the line was three times as long when we got off!
Bethany and Josh drove these cars in the 'driving school' ... it was heaps of fun, fun enough to do again a couple of times the next day ...
the giraffes are on the wall outside the duplo building area ... so many duplo blocks Josh was so excited he couldn't stop to build!!
Overlooking part of mini lego land ... right at the back you can see some rides up on the hill, and on the water is a boat which Bethany, Josh and I rode in for a look at other displays ...
does this mean i don't need to visit New York now?!

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