Monday, October 4, 2010

the day we took the train into town

Photo Opportunity! - we jumped up on this cable car (the driver was eating his lunch :-)) ... because although we did stand in a line for 3/4's of an hour to ride one from Powell Street to Fishermans Wharf ... it was really hard to take a photo 'cos they are full full full!
We had a yum lunch here at the Rain Forest Cafe - a full-on experience, and although they thought they were doing us a favour by putting us by the indoor waterfall, it turns out its a really loud and overwhelming place to sit (for some of us!) ... so we moved to this table beside its own fishtank which was a lot quieter ...
Testing out the pulleys along the waterfront, on the way to Hyde Street, to catch the cable car back to town ... only half an hour to wait this time - a nice view to look at while we were waiting...
Then we caught the metro train back to the hotel, a big fun day!

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