Sunday, May 23, 2010

So we hear we *might* be going to the USA...

about three days before we are having a family dinner for my Mum and Dad - in cahoots with Vicky and Debbie, and we arranged for JJ to come over from his home in Oz as a surprise for Mum and Dad. It is their wedding anniversary, Ruby - 40 years... cheers to 40 years!!

Part of getting ready for the dinner was to finish off a couple of the painting/finishing-off jobs around the house - it's great having a deadline to work towards ... and handy as it turns out, as we think we will rent out our house (which we do), while we are away for potentially a whole year - which is too long to leave our house lonely! (this room used to be bright blue and Chris and I painted it the night before this photo was taken)

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